Market price changes of important productions in late-June


According to the monitoring of the market prices of 50 important productions in 9 categories in the domestic market in late-June 2023, compared with the previous ten days of June, the prices of 19 kinds of products increased while 25 kinds of products decreased, 6 kinds of products maintained same.

Among them, the prices of Ø8-10mm HPB300 wire rod and Ø20mm HRB400E rebar decreased by 0.7% and 1.0% to RMB3905.9/t and RMB3705.0/t compared with precious ten days. The price of Q235 20mm plate decreased by 0.4% to RMB4061.0/t compared with previous ten days. The price of Q235 4.75-11.5mm HR sheet decreased by 0.5% to RMB3885.5/t compared with previous ten days.